in a dream there's a dolphin and a soldier, they're walking through the sand and toward a morgue.

when i'm not listening to rihannawhen i remember to charge my batteries♥sha

Mom tokens✨
Oh ya I live here what's up

Me when I get arrested for murdering a chicken

wet em if they test you💰🔪🔫🔨💀✨

Death lords over concupiscence and pride (Vanitas) - Hieronymus Wierix (1548-1624) 1619 Engraving [MH 1488]. Rijksmuseum Website

Mandragora species - best ingredients for a witch’s cauldron. :)
👀 (at B&W Rexall Drugs)

we aint goin no where
we aint goin no where

Ticketmaster won’t let me get tickets to a ty segall show in Tampa tomorrow. I was willing to drop cash I shouldn’t spend. Let me make my own mistakes god damn it

I found this aloe in between two palms! 🌴✨